For Patients

Autonomic evaluation involves taking a detailed history, physical examination and diagnostic testing.

Laboratory investigations for autonomic disorders include laboratory testing (blood and urine), EKG, echocardiogram or other organ specific test such as gastric emptying studies, or urodynamic testing. The cornerstone of the autonomic evaluation is Autonomic testing or the Autonomic reflex Screen.

Autonomic reflex screen provides diagnosis of autonomic disease and determines severity of autonomic disorders. Another specialized test available only in few centers in the country is called the Thermoregulatory Sweat Test (not available in this locale).

Dr. Erik Armitano at Neurological Associates of Washington - Northwest Autonomic Lab and Clinic offers the latest technology to diagnose and help treat autonomic disorders.

Our state of the art is non-invasive Autonomic Testing lab along with our highly trained team, works together with patients and their physicians to develop an individualized treatment plan for adults.

Testing is based on the Mayo Clinic Autonomic Lab protocols. Our lab is the first and only autonomic lab on the East Side of Seattle to offer this unique diagnostic resource.

Common conditions tested include: