Northwest Autonomic Laboratory & Clinic

Autonomic testing in Kirklan WA

Northwest Autonomic Laboratory and Clinic offers diagnosis and treatment of autonomic disorders.

Autonomic testing is an exciting and unique specialized test that determines how the autonomic nervous system functions and helps diagnose presence and severity of autonomic disease. It was developed at the Mayo Clinic, the Northwest Autonomic Laboratory and Clinic uses these protocols.

The mission of the Northwest Autonomic Lab and Clinics is:

  1. Provide diagnosis of autonomic disorders
  2. Offer comprehensive treatment of autonomic disorders
  3. Provide help and inform patients and families with autonomic disorders
  4. Educate physicians, patients and families

This is the first and only Autonomic lab that offers both diagnostic testing and clinical consultations in Washington State.

Autonomic Testing is a simple, safe, non-painful, test covered by medical insurance.

Typical autonomic disorders tested include:

  1. Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)
  2. Orthostatic hypotension (syncope or fainting)
  3. Neurogenic syncope
  4. Unexplained recurrent dizziness, fainting
  5. Autonomic neuropathies, autonomic failure
  6. Distal small fiber neuropathies
  7. Complex regional pain syndrome (RSD)
  8. Monitoring of autonomic failure including response to treatments