We provide neurology and neurosurgery services in the Seattle area

Forty years have passed since 1974, when Neurological Associates of Washington was founded as a pioneering group in Seattle specializing exclusively in neurological illnesses. During these past four decades, our practice has evolved from an era when CT scans were hardly known, to one in which we now have—down the hallway in our Kirkland office—an MRI scanner. As our tools for battling disease have advanced, the passage of time has brought new challenges, some far distant from the clinical realm.

The medical profession appears to now be passing through an era of commercialization that sometimes views the patient-doctor relationship as a commodity, something that can be bought, marketed and sold. We deeply believe that this approach is misguided when applied to the practice of medicine. As compassionate beings, we seek in our physicians not a commercial product, but a trusting relationship based upon the following core values:

Our neuroscience group consists of Board Certified Neurologists and Neurosurgeons providing comprehensive care to Seattle's East side communities and South Snohomish county.

Neurological Associates of Washington is founded on the principle of providing innovative neurological care in a patient-friendly setting with the highest professional standards.

Our physicians are fluent in several foreign languages including Spanish, Farsi, Russian and German.

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